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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

What is Spyware

What is Spyware?

Spyware is software that obtains information from a PC without the user’s knowledge. There are many different types of spyware operating on the Internet but you can generally group them into two categories: Domestic Spyware and Commercial Spyware.

 Domestic Spyware

This is where a company or user may install software to monitor the use of the system. What sites are being accessed, what programs are being used, etc. You may even have family members using spyware programs to monitor children activities like chat rooms.

Commercial Spyware

Commercial Spyware has been with us for awhile now and was first used to see what customers were looking at so that companies could market their business better. Like all good things there are always people out there to take advantage and to cause chaos and to even profit on innocent people.

There are different types of spyware from fake alerts to key loggers. Some make it known to you and other are hidden. All just as dangerous and could cost you money. If you do have spyware installed then they can be removed by using specialist software. It is recommended that you use more than one piece of spyware removal software as they all do different things.

Recommend software to help prevent and remove Spyware are


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